About Olivia's Objects of Obsession

New Foods, New Adventures & New Obsessions! The goal of this blog is to give you inspiration and ideas within all aspects of your life! 

Welcome to Olivia's Objects of Obsession, or as I like to call it, Triple O (OOO)!

Triple O is a celebration and showcase of all the amazing things, places and people I have come across and that I am obsessed with! My goal in writing this blog is to give you a platform and easy way to give you inspiration for new ideas and an easy way to identify the new trends, things to try out, recipes to cook, and places to visit. This blog features my obsessions of cooking, photography, travel and living a healthy lifestyle all while sharing them with you! I want to feature all of the incredible aspects of living in Minnesota, what is has to offer, my travel adventures and cooking new recipes, and to give you all insight to what is trending, and things people should check out that I am obsessed with! Triple O will give you new ideas of where to go eat, travel, what to cook, what health programs to try, items to wear, purchase or keep an eye out for!

I can't wait to share it all with you. Follow along and obsess with me, while I uncover and identify all of the many incredible people, places and things there are out there!

Meet Olivia

I was born and raised in Minnesota! I have a love for all food, fun, active living and primarily an obsession for travel.  I have always loved to be active and live a consciously healthy lifestyle and try out new things, experience new foods and adventures. My passion for traveling all started about 9 years ago when I studied abroad. I lived in Europe and was immediately mesmerized by everything it had to offer. Since then, I have visited over 23 countries with no plans of stopping! I continue to obsess over where I can go adventure next and what exciting endeavors are to come. I can't wait to share with you! To read more about my travels, you can go to my travel section on the blog. 

Furthermore, I decided to take my obsession of eating, cooking & living a healthy lifestyle even further and took on the Whole30 Challenge. This challenge really sparked my love of cooking even more and I decided that I wanted to document and share my experience with others! You will be able to find many of the new Whole30 recipes I have tried out, paleo recipes and healthy foods fit for an active lifestyle in my food+drink section of the blog!  

If you ever want to reach out, have any questions or want to learn more about Triple O, myself or my adventures, please feel free to contact me! You can find me via FacebookInstagram or snapchat: OliviaJoan21