Local MN Food & Catering Obsessions

I can't believe my blog launch party already came and went! It was such an incredible evening and it could not have gone any better. With twinkle lights hanging, mason jars with candles glowing and the beautiful food and drink displays from our partnering companies CRAVE Catering, North Mallow & BĒT Vodka, set up, it made for the perfect feel of a whimsical and fun evening. The atmosphere of being outside, with a clear view of the Minneapolis skyline, perfect for taking photos of course, and the sun setting over the cities, made it one of the best nights and made me the happiest girl ever! 

With three fabulous local Minnesota companies partnering with me to celebrate the launch of my blog, it was bound to be a success. The incredible display of food was provided by one of my favorite local companies in town, Crave Catering. With superbly talented and creative chefs, Crave Catering was able to fit the look at feel of my blog and event spot on with a summery, light and whimsical feeling with the food. Provided, was the beautiful display and take on the classic dish, "Peas and Carrots," which included a pea puree served with colorful heirloom carrots, charcuterie skewers loaded with wild rice sausage, cheese and pickles, potato salad, where the red potatoes were hallowed out and filled with potato salad inside and lastly a take on the classic "Bacon and Eggs," which included maple glazed bacon on a deviled egg. I am sad to say that if you didn't attend earlier on in the night, you may have missed the food, because everyone couldn't stop eating it! Everything was incredible and beautifully prepared. 

After all of that amazing food, BĒT Vodka had the perfect signature cocktails shaken and prepared to try. BET Vodka is another local Minnesota company that I am obsessed with. They produce and process their vodka locally from sugar beets. I am absolutely obsessed with this vodka, it is incredibly smooth, light and is naturally a bit sweet. The signature drink had a bit of everything, it was sweet, sour, light and refreshing, and I couldn't stop myself from having more than one cocktail! BET Vodka made the most adorable shaken martinis made with Vodka, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and cherry bark vanilla bitters. I highly recommend you go out and get a bottle for any event or party you go to next! 

Lastly, when you think of Minnesota summer nights, what do you think of? Because I immediately think of sitting around the bonfire eating everyone's favorite treat...S'mores. Local Minnesota company, North Mallow, has perfected the S'more game and has everyone wanting more. With their handcrafted and creatively homemade flavored marshmallows, you will never want to go back to the way they were made before. Theres a flavor for everyone, from the traditional vanilla bean to caramel, mocha and mint chocolate chip marshmallow flavors, on top of your choice of Hershey's chocolate or ghirardelli chocolate. Your mouth will be in for an explosion of incredible flavors. The best part about North Mallow is that they bring the "bonfire" to you. You are able to roast, over the fire, your own marshmallow on a stick and craft your own s'mores creation on top of a gram cracker. Make sure to check them out as they are the perfect thing for any event or wedding...s'mores dessert bar? Yes, please!

The launch party event had such a fabulous turnout, with over 60 people coming and going. I feel so incredibly lucky to continue writing and blogging about things, people and places that I enjoy and I feel the love from all of you. Thank you to everyone who made it out and to all of my followers! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @oliviasobjectsofobsession and on snapchat (OliviaJoan21).

Here's just a few photos from the night! 

Cheers! xx

Naked Ninas Smoothie & Juice Café

With garden walls, acai bowls and kombucha on tap, Naked Ninas is the trendiest spot in St. Paul and has everything one could want. Opened in January 2016 by June Berkowitz, this progressive and trendy café, organic smoothie and juice bar brings a little piece and feel of the California lifestyle to Minnesota. The owner June, has a passion for all things California and her goal was to bring some of that sunshine here to St. Paul.

Located in the Cathedral Hill area in St. Paul, Naked Ninas introduces powerful, healthy eating all while keeping a good balance in mind.  With more than 10 different kinds of smoothies and juices available to drink, plus homemade acai bowls, raw salads and granola bars, you will be in “superfood” heaven!

The few times I visited Naked Ninas, I was not only greeted with a friendly, smiling face and bubbly personalities from all of the employees, but an adorable well set up sitting area inside and out. The trattoria like seating outside brings me back to my times overseas and with large glass windows lining the front of the store and a cozy seating area inside, to relax, drink and converse with others, Naked Ninas café will keep you coming back with all of your friends.

Make sure to come check them out & quick, because I am sure they will soon be overly crowded every day with visitors just as obsessed as myself.  

Modist Brewery

Hi guys!! Happy first week of June!! I am so excited that it is summer and that the weather has been amazing, because summer means patio season!! 

 I had the most incredible day last week, shooting, getting information and scoping out the newest brewery, located in Minneapolis, for the next place that I feel is a MUST for you to check out when you’re visiting the North Loop in Minneapolis. I am pretty much obsessed with it, and since it is literally around the corner from my apartment, I have a feeling I may be frequenting it often this summer.

If you thought the North Loop in Minneapolis couldn’t get any better, with its accessible walking & biking trails, convenient location, located between downtown and the river and the many incredible restaurants and cafes, think again, because, the most incredible, trendy and innovative brewery just opened up just blocks from the light rail & the Twins Stadium. Modist Brewery is located on 3rd Street, right off of Washington Avenue in the North Loop. With its rustic and industrial exterior appearance, and large outdoor patio with hanger garage doors that open to the inside, it is sure to be the place to head to for any activity, especially before and after Twins games.

When entering the brewery, you walk into a large and open space, almost resembling a dining hall with its long “family-style” tables and high-top bar stools lining the bar. In the mood for more of a laid back and relaxing setting? The space also has a seating area filled with beautiful dark brown leather couches and chairs for more of an intimate setting to talk with friends and enjoy the incredible beer you are sipping. In addition to its creative and beautifully designed interior, Modist Brewery is one of a kind, with its unique varieties of brews and the machinery to make them. Specifically, the brewery houses two very unique machines called a hammermill, which can pulverize materials into a flour as well as mash filter, which makes beer out of any starchy material, even quinoa! Quinoa beer….sounds kind of healthy, right!?

Lastly, you must check out Modist Brewery, because the staff are some of the most welcoming and passionate individuals I’ve come across. After leaving their previous careers to pursue their love for entrepreneurship, brewing and beers, it is truly telling that this is what they were meant to do! Their innovative and creative ideas for all varieties of beers will be sure to make any customer happy and wanting more!  

Cheers to an amazing summer and exploring! I can't wait until you check out Modist Brewery & of course, let me know when you do by leaving me a comment or post a picture on Instagram and tag Modist Brewery and myself! 

photography by: @allegraroseb

photography by: @allegraroseb