Pacific North West + Canada Travel Diary

It has been a whirlwind of a summer, with school, weddings, parties, etc, I was eager for the start of Fall. You know that peaceful feeling that comes over you when summer is coming to a close and you're looking forward to winding down and excited to throw on that comfy sweater and leggings and have a relaxing weekend... well that is exactly how I was feeling and this trip to the Pacific Northwest & Canada was the perfect answer. Sometimes a trip with no agenda is the way to go and I think there is no place better than this area to just put your to do list aside and get lost and explore. 

Arriving in Seattle, I was overcome with excitement and beauty. The harbor bordering downtown Seattle made it a perfect city to be outside, walk around and enjoy the views of the shipping port, West Seattle and boats passing by. Spending quality time with my sister also made it that much more enjoyable and relaxing. We wandered around the city exploring all the eclectic neighborhoods Seattle has to offer such as the Queen Ann neighborhood with its hilly streets, the Ballard neighbored with its quaint eateries and shops lined with trees and lights and the Capitol Hill district where my favorite cafe by far is located (see below). Of course, you must visit Pike Place Market and spend a few hours site seeing and people watching. 

Must visit cafe - Seattle: Oddfellows Cafe + Bar 
Must Visit Restaurant - Seattle: How to Cook a Wolf

As we left Seattle and ventured through winding roads of towering pines, we arrived in Vancouver with eagerness to cross the border, for my first time. There are so many lovely things about Vancouver, it is a melting pot of cultures, neighborhoods and people. From the streets of China Town to the crowded streets and trails of downtown filled with bikers and fitness enthusiasts to the vast nothingness of nature starring out into the ocean or amongst the tall red oaks, Vancouver has something to offer for everyone. 

Must do adventure - Vancouver: Capilano Suspension Bridge

Of course, without knowing it, we saved the best for last as we departed Vancouver on a ferry to the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. There are so many lovely things I could say about the city of Victoria. With cheerful, friendly people, quaint shops, and a quintessentially British feel throughout the town, I immediately fell in love. Of course one of my personal must dos was to have High Tea at the Empress Hotel. This gorgeous hotel sits right on the harbor overlooking the float planes and boats coming in and out and provides the most suburb food and tea. 
Also, of course, you can't go to Victoria without visiting the Butchart Gardens. This was one of the most magnificent display of flowers I've ever seen. Flowers of all colors, bursting out of their gardens, hanging above you, beside you, topiaries, Japanese gardens, fountains, and beautiful smells all around, it felt as though I was in a dream. It took a minimum of two hours just to get around the whole area, but worthwhile and a must do when coming to Victoria. In addition to this, we spent another portion of our day whale watching. I highly recommend coming to visit during the end of Summer or start of Fall as the whale sightings will be more likely and prevalent. It was an incredible life experience that words can't describe. These animals are so smart, curious and majestic, it was thrilling to see them up close and in person. 

Must visit place- Victoria: Empress Hotel
Must visit place- Victoria: Butchart Gardens
Must do adventure- Victoria: Whale Watching

This adventure was a perfect way to kick off the Fall and spend time out in nature, exploring and appreciating all of the beauty that is around us. Don't have every day planned out, take time to wander, get lost and run into new adventures and places you wouldn't normally go. I hope you enjoy the pictures below of my travels out West and recommendations. Make sure to comment or write below. I love hearing from you and love sharing.