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I am so excited to share all about my quick getaway to Vienna the other weekend. After a wild and nonstop weekend in Amsterdam, it was time to slow it down a bit and check out all of the breathtaking views of Vienna. 

Only being a four hour train ride away from Vienna, Austria, this seemed like the perfect place to getaway to for a quick weekend trip. Furthermore, since it is is peak Fall season, I knew Vienna wouldn't lack in beautiful fall colors, as the town is filled with parks, trees and areas to walk around and take in the nature. 

Vienna definitely blew me away. I hadn't anticipated the incredible amount of diversity in things to do. While there, I visited the Naschmarkt filled with vendors offering a taste of their most delicious delicacies. Falafel's, baklava, candied nuts, dried fruits, turkish candies and more. The market also had a variety of restaurants to sit down at and enjoy the crisp fall air, with of course a blanket and heating lamp provided. 

We visited the most famous Schönbrunn Palace, and made our way through the winding pathways throughout the perfectly manicured archways of trees. The gardens of the Schönbrunn Palace were magical. Spanning as far as the eye could see, the variety and types of flowers seemed to never end. 

As we continued our walking day tour around the city, we realized one of the best parts about Vienna, is that everything is located so close to each other and incredibly easy to get to by foot. Not once, did we take the metro or public transportation. This also allowed us to stumble upon narrow alley ways and admire all of beautiful and traditional Viennese architecture.  

Lastly, we visited the National Gallery and also the incredible city hall of Vienna, known as the Rathaus. This is definitely not like any city hall I've seen before. The city hall where I am from, has two rooms and a front door. Walking up to the plaza towards the Rathaus, I was mesmerized by the gothic architecture and beautiful red flowers adorning the windows. 

Overall, Vienna was a total blast and there are so many different things to do, whether you're into museums, architecture, cafes, good food, shopping, Vienna has it all. There isn't a lack of beauty or things to do in this city. Check out a few of my recommendations below for your next visit!  

Must visit restaurant: Motto & Kussmaul 

Must visit place: Naschmarkt

Must visit cafe: 

Must Visit Museum: Leopold Museum 

Schönbrunn Palace 

Schönbrunn Palace 

Gardens of Schönbrunn Palace 

Gardens of Schönbrunn Palace 

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Burgring Cafe 

Burgring Cafe 

Burgring Cafe

Burgring Cafe

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